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About Sunward Group

Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group was founded in 1999 and Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (stock short name: Sunward Intelligent; stock code: 002097) is its main body. Headquartered in Changsha City, Sunward has also set up several subsidiaries at home and abroad, with its footprints spread at Changsha, Wuxi, Huaibei and Europe. Now, it has gradually grown into an international enterprise that focuses on engineering machinery, owns independent intellectual property and makes global influences, ranking among top 50 global enterprises manufacturing construction machineries.

Sunward follows its core value “Cultivating virtue with great effort, managing the businesses carefully and benefiting the society”, takes the lead in market relying on its independent innovation and now it is rising rapidly in the industry, attributing to its outstanding technical strengths and well-rounded modern management skills, all of which contribute to Sunward’s extraordinary performances in the areas of large piling machineries, full series of excavators, modern rock drilling equipments, industrial vehicles, mining outfits, hoisting machineries, pavement construction machineries, hydraulic components, military machineries, general aviation equipment, yacht, etc. More than 100 types of such products of different specifications have already been developed and they are all in high quality and good performance, with their independent intellectual property belonging to Sunward and owning great competitiveness among like products. By now, the number of Sunward’s total assets has passed 6.5 billion CNY. As a recognized representative of China’s new high-tech enterprises, Sunward has obtained a number of titles, demonstrating its capability, such as “National-recognized Enterprise Technology Center”, “National Study and Work Station for Post-doctors”, “National Innovating Enterprise”, “International Science and Technology Cooperation Base”, “National 863 Base of Industrialized Products”, “National Mobilizing Center of Engineering Machineries”, “Study and Work Station for Academicians”, “Superior Private Science and Technology Enterprise in China”, etc.

Sunward has the most professional marketing and service groups, and along with its strong sales networks and convenient service centers at home and abroad, its products have been actively demanded throughout the Country and exported to more than 100 countries and districts around the world. The brand “SUNWARD” has already been registered in dozens of countries worldwide. Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group attaches itself to the mission – “to be a value producer in the global equipment manufacturing industry” and always struggles for that. Thus, Sunward’s products with independent innovation are spoken highly of by leaders and specialists from all over the world. Party and state leaders, including Li Keqiang, Wen Jiabao, Liu Yunshan, Zhang Gaoli, Li Changchun, Liu Yandong, etc., visited Sunward successively and all praised Sunward for its insistence in independent innovation.

In the future, Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group will continue taking full advantage of its ability in independent innovation and construct a high-efficiency and high-quality manufacture system, so that it could produce more value for customers and help upgrade the lifestyle of human beings. It will never stop in the process of creating products with global influences and becoming a world-class manufacturing enterprise.