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Sunward excavators are popular in New Zealand

Sunward excavator has been very popular in New Zealand, Mr. Blair Sargison, the distributor of Sunward in New Zealand, he said: “We are very satisfied with these products, and also very pleased with its acceptance in our market. ” Currently Sunward excavators are serving various industries throughout whole New Zealand. It shows the quality of their products is good and reliable. “Most pleasing has been the sales that have come to us from customer referrals and repeat business.which is perhaps the best marketing we can do up.” In the tough conditions over the past few years of this industry, Sunward still kept to develope new models of excavators, and the largest excavator came up to 90 tons. The dealer said: “This is enough to prove their confidence and determination of these products.”
Photos are the most widely sold model SWE18UB isworking in Auckland. This is a zero-end models, compact and flexible machine, which is very convenient for local urban construction and transportation. More over, the local users have high requirement for the performance, in addition to the driver’s cab must have certificate of ROPS / FOPS, they have variety of optional attachments, and in order to quickly replace those attachments, the New Zealand users designed the quick hitch, which is now widely using though whole of the world. Sunward has developed numbers of configuration and attachments to meet the requiement of market.